Learn C Programming Step by Step – 2020

History Of C

  • C is a general-purpose language which has been closely associated with the UNIX operating System.
  • In 1972 Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs writes “C” and in 1978 the publication of The C Programming Language was done by Kernighan & Ritchie.

The Compiler

  • A C program is made by running a compiler which takes the typed source program and converts it into an object file that the computer can execute.
  • A two-phase compiler works in the following way:
  1. Phase 1 scans a source program, generates an intermediate code which helps to simplify the grammar of the language for subsequent processing. It then converts the intermediate code into a file of object code. A separate object file is built for each separate source file.
  2. Phase 2 is a Linker. This program appends standard library code to the object file so that the code is complete and can “stand alone”.

Uses of C

  • C language is used for creating computer applications.
  • Used in writing Embedded software’s.
  • Firmware for various electronics, industrial and communications products which use micro-controllers.
  • It is also used in developing verification software, test code, simulators etc. for various applications and hardware products.
  • For Creating Compiles of different Languages which can take input from other language and convert it into lower level machine dependent language.
  • C is used to implement different Operating System Operations.



figure: Structure of C program.



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