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[Course]Data Structures and Algorithms Stanford – Best Course

This Course ” Data Structures and Algorithms Stanford ”you will learn several fundamental principles of algorithm design. You’ll learn the divide-and-conquer design paradigm, with applications to fast sorting, searching, and multiplication. You’ll learn several blazingly fast primitives for computing on graphs, such as how to compute connectivity information and shortest paths

Data Structures and Algorithms Stanford

About this course

Algorithms are at the heart of computing technology. The class is an introduction to algorithms that may be of benefit the first students who have minimal programming experience. Specific areas of study in the program include: big-oh notation sorting search and sorting divide and conquer – Master method. Integer and matrix multiplication close pair) Data structures (heaps. We offer six multiple choice questions that test your knowledge of important concepts.


Karey Shi (kareyshi at stanford.edu)


Mondays and Wednesdays, 7pm-8:20pm (PDT)


CS 103 or CS 103B;

CS 109 or STATS 116.


Tim Roughgarden, Algorithms Illuminated, Volumes I, II, and III. Soundlikeyourself publishing.

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100% Placement assistance on AUTOMATION TESTING WITH JAVA+selenium

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