Best Data Structures and Algorithms pdf

This practically focused textbook presents a concise tutorial on Data Structures and Algorithms pdf. Download the Free eBook.

  • Scala is becoming popular in the big data space. Most senior Java-based software jobs, these days, prefer Scala proficiency.
  • This book has been written more in a study-note or tutorial style and it covers nine popular topics in Data Structures and Algorithms—arrays, lists, stacks, queues, hash tables, binary trees, sorting, searching, and graphs.
  • if you are planning to learn a functional version of Data Structures and Algorithms in Scala, this is the right book.

Data Structures and Algorithms pdf

  • Presents production application – based examples and exercises, drawn with the author’s extensive industrial experience. Provide comprehensive and functional example programmes. Offers a concise tutorial building on the base of the framework provided by “Programming with Scala: Language Exploration” by the same author.

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